The high volatility of bitcoin makes many people find profit opportunities by buying and selling digital currency, however, for some this roller coaster can be too much and even affect their health, causing more stress than tranquility.

In a shared case on reddit, one user said he abandoned bitcoin because he „wants his life back“.

The curious thing about the shared story is how it shows the difference between the many „successes“ that bitcoin can guarantee to an investor, and that making enough profit to buy a house can be better than becoming a millionaire in the next few years, but without good mental health.

The story told by the user at the largest active The News Spy forum in Reddit begins in 2014, when he claims to have used digital currency to buy things on the deep web, even without understanding much of what the currency represented.

„I bought Bitcoins in 2014, I was in a complicated moment of my life and used crypto currency to buy things on the deep web, not knowing what Bitcoin really meant or what its purpose was.

Eventually I was caught and fulfilled my punishment, during this time I still kept some coins in my Coinbase account“.

Despite the complicated beginning, the investor tells that when Bitcoin started to become famous for having valued at $1,000, he made a point of learning about the technology, recovering the brokerage account and starting to invest again, buying whenever possible.

According to the account, he didn’t sell even during the high of 2017, since everybody told him to „hold“, so he didn’t have the courage to sell during that period, which would change his life completely.

As time went by, even with the recent falls, the weight of having so many coins and having to follow news and opinions began to be too much.

Now, with the most recent bitcoin high, he sold, making a profit of over $100,000 with an initial investment of $5,000 (2014), for the user it’s time to go out and improve his mental health.

„I just sold my bitcoins and bought my first house.

Buying during the pandemic was not very advantageous, but I needed a place to live.

Those sleepless nights, checking prices every hour and so many times without knowing what would happen, or being slaves to articles and news sites, besides reading Reddit all day long…

I just want my life back…

„Bitcoin has fulfilled the goal in his life“

Despite the clear desperation that the user has gone through in recent years and the message seems like a liberation, many others have made it clear that bitcoin actually performed its function as a „liberating wealth“.

„Bitcoin has just given you a home and a little more. He fulfilled his goal for you. What happened to you is the true definition of wealth that changes lives,“ said a commentator identified as shkl.

Another user, identified as ChoresInThisHouse highlighted the beauty of history, instead of the negative point.

„This is the beauty of Bitcoin. For each one of us it serves a different purpose.

There is no wrong way to benefit from Bitcoin.

Congratulations for getting a stable house. This in itself is already a great achievement“.

This is an interesting story since it shows a part of how the nature of Bitcoin is, in its essence, liberating. Some have bigger goals, like buying Lamborghinis, but for those who were looking for a house or even a better savings, bitcoin is already a success.

„Man, that’s what BTC was created for, to help you prosper without losing your money/gains to a corporate bailout, or whatever they call it,“ added another comment.